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Fishing at Kobuk River Lodge in Alaska
Guided Fishing Package
Starting at $500

Join us for an opportunity to fish the largest run of Sheefish in world, right here in the Kobuk River. There are few places in the world where you can fish for “the tarpon of the North” in such healthy populations. We also offer grayling and pike fishing trips. Your guide, Loren Gentemann, is highly experienced and licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, The State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, as well as The U.S. Park Service. With an average catch of 20 fish per day, Loren has a unique talent and commitment to finding even the most elusive fish. Sheefish season runs from July 4th to mid-September. Don’t miss your chance to catch some of these incredibly unique fish!

*Sheefish, Pike, and Grayling Fishing

Fishing at Kobuk River Lodge in Alaska
Day Trips to Great Kobuk Sand Dunes
Starting at $1,500

Grab your closest friends or relatives for this four mile guided hike and two hour boat ride featuring a packed lunch. Located 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle, there are no roads that lead to the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes. They are truly an untouched geological wonder and are rarely visited. This is an off-trail hike which is somewhat challenging, and very rewarding, so we recommend this package to those that are in good physical condition.

Fishing at Kobuk River Lodge in Alaska
Day Trips to Onion Portage
Starting at $750

Head out for a half or whole day down the Kobuk River from Ambler, and take a hike up the hill overlooking Onion Portage Archaeological District. This area is rich in Arctic cultural history, dating back to 6500BC. You and your group of up to six people will enjoy a trek to the Giddings Cabin, the only built structure in the whole archaeological district.

Before any boat or hiking trip, your licensed guide makes a great commitment to ensure your adventure goes exactly as designed. We are highly experienced and equipped with resources to stay prepared for virtually any situation in a remote setting. Give us a call to discuss your trip and plan your once-in-a lifetime Alaskan adventure.

A True Alaskan Experience

Kobuk River Lodge rests along the remote edges of Kobuk Valley National Park in the West Arctic Borough. Come stay with us and experience all that the remote, extraordinary beauty and culture of Onion Portage offers. Get away from the day-to-day grind and glide along the pristine Alaskan waters staging the boundless surrounding mountains. Kobuk River lays claim to the largest run of Sheefish in the world and this is your premier opportunity to fish it (along with grayling and pike!). Kobuk River is one of the very few places in the world that offers plenty of opportunities to fish large numbers of 15 to 30 pound Sheefish on fly or light tackle, and your experienced guide knows how to put you on them. 

If you’re looking for a true Alaskan treat, don’t miss a unique chance to witness the Northwest Arctic Caribou Herd migration, which begins in late August. Our professionally licensed guide leads breathtaking tours and hikes through the waters and Alaskan tundra to Onion Portage. This is one of the few opportunities in North America to view Caribou up close, in numbers nearing 400,000. Call us today for more details!